Communities and Organizations I'm Involved With

Film and TV Editorial Discord Server

This is a great Discord server for people in film and TV post production. I joined after many from the Twitter #PostChat community were talking about it. The server has a wide variety of different channels on topics from software and gear to learning the craft side of editing.

Blue Collar Post Collective

The Blue Collar Post Collective is a grassroots non-profit organization, supporting emerging talent in post production. BCPC is a really great group of over 20,000 post-production professionals who want to share experiences and support each other. The BCPC holds meet-ups and events focused on offering educational and career development opportunities with no barriers to attend.

Queer Post Discord Server

This group is for queer/LGBTQIA community members who work or are looking to work in the TV, film, or video post production industry worldwide. This is a safe space where your sexual orientation and gender identity will be welcomed and affirmed while talking about post, or queer stuff, or both!

Queer Post Facebook Group

This is the corresponding Facebook group for Queer Post.